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Thank you Don! Your caring and deep presence assisted me in making a profound shift in just one session.  I so appreciate your wisdom, insight, and ability to be with all that arises with openness and an honoring of the spiritual magnitude of each moment.

P.S. – Colorado

I am incredibly grateful for Don’s unwavering empathy, patience, and amazing ability to mirror back shifts in emotion. One of the most unique things about Don’s coaching style is the way that he balances candor with compassion, excelling in his ability to offer openings and opportunities in the conversation, and still allowing whomever to choose which direction they want to explore. I love and appreciate that Don holds me accountable to be honest with and respect myself, and the way that he has helped me open a window to see my strengths and identify ways I can and need to ‘show up for myself’, especially in times of stress or uncertainty. I feel honored to know Don and to have him on my side as I ride this journey of life. I highly recommend him as a coach, a facilitator, and a supporter.


Don gives a gift of real listening, thoughtful and pinpointed questioning, caring patience, and nothing short of magical mirroring.
He offered highly valuable insights that changed the game for me in both the growth of my business startup and in my personal relationships.
Furthermore, helping me see myself through his eyes reminded me to focus on what I can do and on the positive attributes of who I really am.
The way Don somehow pulled out of my story the exact answers I was looking for is the essence of the artistry he possesses. I am extremely grateful to have benefited from Don’s talent and I highly recommend his expertise as a valuable asset on your life’s road.

P.B. – Canada

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